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Short Blocks

Small Block Chevy Street Master
350 or 383

Looking for a solid foundation for your next street project?

The Street Master Short Block line is the right way to go.  Starting with all new brand name parts. They are professionally hand assembled in house 1 at a time by a staff of dedicated engine builders who put quality and reliability first.  All rod and main bearings are checked and set for the right clearance not like other shops who just measure one rod and main.  All cams are degreed so you get the power where you need it.  So for your next project try one of our Street Master Short Blocks for years of running satisfaction and performance.

Quality and customer satisfaction is #1
There are 3 Street Master Short Block options to choose from.

Short Blocks:

Street Master SBC

This is a light duty performance engine for street use only, not for racing.

Street Master BBC

This is a performance short block: There is No Warranty for this short block. All clearances are set for performance use.

Street Master LS

This is a medium performance engine street use only not for racing. All clearance are set for street use.